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Jefferson Davis -- The Man America Needs Today, June 1958

From the June 1958 United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, pages 19, 23, 26, 27.

              This essay starts out with a biographical sketch and arguments about the Constitution, but leads to the author's fear, interracial relations, which the author feels will result in "a mongrelized people," that, "will bring about the down fall of America, as integration of races doomed the once cultured, and prosperous cities and nations of Carthage, Athens, Rome, and Sparta; and made of Egypt the weak world power that she is today." Errors in the original were only corrected where it was felt necessary for clarity and it was fairly clear what the error was.

Jefferson Davis -- The Man America Needs Today

ADDRESS By BRUCE DUNSTAN (Richmond Virginia)

             All true and loyal Americans should be proud of Jefferson Davis, for he was one of our most famous statesmen, a bold and fearless military leader, and a peerless upholder of the thing that America needs most today, Constitutional Government, and State rights!
             Jefferson Davis was born June 3, 1808, at Fairview, Todd County Kentucky, which is a short distance from Hopkinsville. He was the youngest of 10 children. Today a 350-foot concrete obelisk marks the birth site of this good, beloved, great man, and the area has been a State Park for a number of years.
             Jefferson Davis, like our beloved General Lee, carefully prepared himself for his great service to our Country, for he finished his fine formal education by graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point, in 1828.
             He was appointed a second lieutenant of infantry, and served on the North-western frontier during the Black Hawk War of 1831-1832.
             In 1831, young Davis was promoted to first lieutenant of dragoons, for gallantry in action, and was later engaged in operations against the Pawnees, Comanches, and other tribes of Indians. He later resigned his commission to retire to a cotton plantation in Mississippi.
             While serving in the United States Army with General Zachary Taylor, Jefferson Davis fell in love with the General's daughter, Sarah Knox Taylor, and married her on June 17, 1835. He was then 27, and Miss Taylor 21, but this joyful union was to soon end in grief and tears, for less than three months later, his bride was dead, from malaria fever. General Taylor had been very much opposed to this marriage, and did not forgive young Davis until many years later, after the battle of Buena Vista, it is said; in which battle, both took part.
             About 10 years later, God bestowed upon Jefferson Davis the greatest blessing of his entire life: for at this time, February 25, 1845, he married Miss Varina Howell, of Natchez, Mississippi. With this most courageous and faithful, Christian gentlewoman, he shared all the glory and sorrow of his public life. So great was the affection of this devoted wife for her husband, that she voluntarily even shared his unjust and shameful imprisonment at Fort Monroe, after the war. True Southerners will ever be indebted to her, and especially for her constant and untiring assistance to her husband in writing his remarkable historical work, the "Decline and Fall of the Confederate Government."
             Jefferson Davis in 1845 was elected to Congress, but resigned in 1845 because of having been elected Colonel of the First Mississippi Volunteer Regiment of rifles, and served in the Mexican War, greatly distinguishing himself at Monterey and Buena Vista. He was severely wounded in the battle.
             Not long after this battle, President Polk appointed Colonel Davis a Brigadier-General of Volunteers, but he declined this commission for a higher rank, because he said, his appointment was not constitutional, as all militia appointments were reserved to the States, and that such appointments by the President was in violation of State rights! From this incident we have undeniable proof that Jefferson Davis so deeply revered our Federal Constitution, and so highly valued State rights, that unlike so many so-called statesmen of our day, he did not hesitate to sacrifice his own personal advancement, in order that the Constitution, and State rights, be strictly upheld.
             Doubtless because of such wisdom and integrity of character, he was chosen in 1847 to fill a vacancy in the United States Senate, and was promptly reelected by acclamation in 1850, for a full term.
             In 1853 Senator Davis was appointed Secretary of War, by President Pierce, and was again elected to the United States Senate in 1857. While serving in the Senate, Senator Jefferson Davis was among the most outspoken and determined of all Southern Leaders who wanted to uphold the Constitution, and to maintain the rights of the States under it; also he most emphatically affirmed the doctrine of the right of a State to secede from the Federal Union, if it so desired.
             These were the great issues of that day, and all of them could have been settled in peace, even after secession had occurred, if President Lincoln, and his evil advisors, had not denied our Southern Leaders the necessary time to do so; but instead of working for peace, they plotted together and hastily ordered a naval attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina; South Carolina being one of the seceded Southern States that federated as the Confederate States of America, with Jefferson Davis, as President.
             So was The War forced upon the Southern States; I refer to it as "The War," because so did my grandparents, but noted historians call it the "War Between the States!" while still others say it was the "Civil War!" Term this horrible death struggle what you may, the Confederates fought to defend their freedom and independence, and for Constitutional and State Rights! Could there have been a more noble cause for fighting a war that was forced upon them? Jefferson Davis was the great American Statesman and Patriot who willingly sacrificed himself in this noble cause, which like the song of the Old Soldiers, will "Never Die!" for as long as there are true Americans, they will never cease their struggle for freedom and independence, that exists only under Constitutional and States Rights.
             Jefferson Davis, is the man America needs today! For never since the formation of the Constitution of the United States, that Gladstone termed: "the greatest document ever emanating from the brain of man," was there ever more sorely needed a stalwart and fearless upholder of the Constitution, and for State rights.
             For our Constitution today is being tattered and torn, like a flag in battle, and State rights under it, has become a mockery!
             The Supreme Court of our land, has willfully usurped the power of Congress, and also without authority of our Constitution, Americans today, are being forced by an invisible government, a supreme alien authority that exercises control over the sovereign States and private citizens of the American Republic, to support not only their own American Government, but also are forced to support foreign people of practically every other country of the entire world.
             Millions upon millions of Americans' hard earned tax dollars are annually squandered in foreign lands in far too many foolish ways to list here. This constant waste of America's wealth, together with forced shameful race-mixing, that causes lowered educational standards, immorality, and finally a mongrelized people, will bring about the down fall of America, as integration of races doomed the once cultured, and prosperous cities and nations of Carthage, Athens, Rome, and Sparta; and made of Egypt the weak world power that she is today.
             Also has this invisible government gained control of both of our once great and patriotic political parties, and has carefully plotted this long range, devilish plan, to weaken America, economically, and racially, to the end that we shall be forced to make our Constitution subject to the will of the United Nations, or in other words, be compelled to adopt One World Government; and thereby lose our national sovereignty, and all our individual freedom and liberties. For America having such a small population compared to that of the balance of the world, we would be out-voted by other nations, probably by as much, if not more, than 10 to 1.
             All of this to some Americans, may seem nebulous, Yes! even like a bad dream! These have in store for them, a most rude awakening! For today we face the stark reality of part of this devilish plan, and the rest of it, may be forced upon us, sooner than we think! Just as thousands of battle troops without any State authority, rolled into Little Rock, Arkansas; recently, and used their naked bayonets to intimidate children, and helpless, righteously indignant citizens, so overnight, in some other American town, a "Little Rock" may change into a "Budapest! and hundreds of righteously incensed men, women, and children, be slain by troops! In foreign lands, murder by troops is not unusual.
             May God forbid this to happen in America!
             May it please Him to preserve America, and to give to us a Christian fearless leader, like Jefferson Davis, who with the help of all true, loyal Americans, will preserve and defend the Constitution of our be­loved Country, our freedom, and our independence!
             May all of us be alert to our present danger!
             Then shall all the godless and non-Christian enemies of America be defeated, and all their evil plans brought to naught.
             Especially, do we ask the help of God, that we may preserve the in­tegrity of our Anglo-Saxon race, so we may pass on to our posterity the great blessing of being well born: and may He infuse in the hearts, and minds, of each of us, the undying patriotic spirit of our beloved Jef­ferson Davis, when he said, near the end of his days ". . . tell the world that I only loved America!"