Confederate Truths: Documents of the Confederate & Neo-Confederate Tradition from 1787 to the Present.

United Daughters of the Confederacy prize winning essay explaing that the North is being flooded with a low quality of immigrants

Confederate Veteran, Vol. 37 No. 9, September 1929, pp. 330-2, extract page 332. The following is an extract by an essay by Carl Tranum which won a prize from the United Daughters of the Confederacy titled, "The South in the Building of the Nation," and is a series of boasts concerning the South.

These type of derogatoy references to immigrants who are not Anglo-Saxon is a repeated theme in the Confederate Veteran magazine.

An extract from the essay:

In late years the trend of immigration has shifted from Northern Europe to Southern Europe, and the North has been flooded with a low type of immigrants Intermarriage has lowered the quality of the population of the North. Transportation and labor conditions have protected the South from the influx of low-type immigrants, and the South retains her Anglo-Saxon population. The moral, mental, and social heritage of these Anglos-Saxons who would pay with their lives for the preservation of an ideal, is enough to insure the nation against the new trend of thought that is sweeping the country. Socialism, bolshevism, and atheism are subjects to which they give little consideration. Honor and labor are their by-words.