Confederate Truths: Documents of the Confederate & Neo-Confederate Tradition from 1787 to the Present.

"Confederate Veteran" hostile to immigrant Union soldiers

Confederate Veteran hostile to immigrant Union soldiers

Confederate Veteran, Vol. 17 No. 7, July 1909, pp. 313, from an editorial titled, "TERMS AS TO WHO WAS ‘RIGHT,' ETC." the following comments about non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants. The Confederate Veteran was the official publication of the United Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Confederated Southern Memorial Association, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Excerpt as follows:

For years the Veteran has permitted the expression without protest that "we are all Americans." This submission has continued without demurring because it has emanated mainly from Union veterans who sought to influence their fellows that Confederates are of the same blood and were actuated by the same principles for which the Union soldiers fought. But how unjust to truth! Many times Confederates fought regiments in which the English language was not known. It may be claimed that foreigners who had come to the country and enlisted at once in the Union army and had taken the oath of allegiance were therefore "Americans;" but natives to the soil whose homes were devastated by those hired bounty men cannot accept that they were Americans.

It is not so easy to enthuse over "Old Glory," either. True, it is our country's flag; it is the flag of the fathers of Confederates; but it was quite alienated by the inestimable in­famies perpetrated under its folds. The flag is all right, but adoration is not increased by excessive comment from those who make so much ado about it. The Confederates in all soberness accept it and will ever protect it; but patriotism is not enhanced by the gush of foreigners and those who dis­graced its sacred origin under martial law.