Confederate Truths: Documents of the Confederate & Neo-Confederate Tradition from 1787 to the Present.

Examples of Anglo-Saxonism in the "United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine."

Examples of Anglo-Saxonism in the United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine.

The following are typical examples of the Anglo-Saxonism of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in the Modern Civil Rights Era. They are not for white supremacy, but they are whiter than most whites.

From the United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, 1945, October, page 31.

Down South

by Truman Sensing, Director of Research, Southern States Industrial Council, Nashville, Tennessee.

…The South is perhaps the greatest stronghold of fundamental Americanism in the nation. This can safely be said without discounting the patriotism of Americans throughout the land. It is perhaps only natural that this should be so. The people of the 16 Southern states from Texas to Maryland are a homogenous people with hardly a trace of foreign-born blood among them. They have lived in their land for generations and the "isms" and "ologies" of foreign doctrines are not in accord with their ideas. They have traditions and principles that they will defend to the end. …

The article goes on to how the South would resist a "substitution" of "social equality among the races for racial segregation and many other things which the South will never accept."

From the United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, 1947, December, page 6.

The Southern Confederacy --- Deal or Alive?

By Dr. M. Clifford Harrison

… The Southern Confederacy represented the purest Anglo-Saxon idealism. Beauty and virtue were their own reward. With the collapse of the Confederacy, America saw a premium put on the materialistic, the uncouth, the raw, the callous, and the crude. Encouragement was given to the false philosophy that mere bulk or size constitutes greatness and grandeur.

The North itself paid an awful price for its triumph. In order to provide replacements for the myriads of dead and wounded that had fallen before the glorious aim of Southern marksmen, the North opened wide its seaports to European immigration of all sorts and through tempting bounties recruited its ranks. In the later part of the War between the States many blue-coated privates of the Federal armies could not speak English at all They were no Americans, they were not good soldiers; but they filled the gaps. And what has been the ultimate result? The gates of America, once unlocked, have, like the gates of Hell in Milton's Paradise Lost, remained open. The Hauptmanns, the Dillingers, and the Capones have been the answer. …

From the United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, 1949, July, page 27.


By Dr. W.J. Loaring-Clark, Rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Jackson, Tennesee.

… We are proud of the South because we have a oneness here, a unity of Anglo-Saxon blood, religious convictions and a proud determination that our Southland will be honored and respected. America, of course, has been rightly been called the melting pot. All nations, races, creeds, colors, religions have been invited to this great land of opportunity and are rapidly becoming absorbed and welded together in our national life. In some of our States there is a sixty per cent of foreign born people. In our State of Tennessee, three and a half per cent. Thus we are more truly one race with similar conceptions of political economy and religion. …

From the Sons of Confederate Veterans page in the United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, 1951, January 1951.

Belmont Dennis

Dear Comrades,

… You have often heard it said that the entire nation is looking toward the Southland and its ninety percent Anglo-Saxon blood as the bulwark of our nation. There is no communism in the South except in rare occasions where they have migrated from the North. We, in the South, believe in Jeffersonian Democracy.
We are against the national Administration's effort to eliminate segregation in our Southland. …

From the United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, 1953, November, page 21.

Tribute Paid Confederates by Northern Man

By Stephen F. Humphrey

… Its people retained a purity of American blood that remains today a remarkable contrast to the polyglot populations of the North-East. …

… Industry seeks here Anglo-Saxon population. …